UCW offers is the Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The aim of the University Canada West MBA program is to develop major com potencies in students like critical thinking, system analysis, business ethics and leadership. The core programs focus on business administration and business operation. The courses and programs offered include, understanding the case studies derived from real examples from large variety of business and industries in Canada as well as from around the globe. They mainly concentrate on applying the taught theories.

When it comes to UCW MBA there are two types of programs. One is on-campus MBA. Other is online MBA.

MBA on-campus:

The campus is based in Vancouver, Canada. The focus of this program is to prepare and mould the students to exemplify the leadership to face the global stage. The student graduated from this program will be able to drive an organization with his leadership and decision making qualities. This is because the program is bundled with teaching methods which teach the students how to derive solutions to challenging problems. Students learn,

  • How to understand the ethical implications which are faced in business activities
  • How to analyze the available information and meaningful communication of ideas
  • Respond to business opportunities and challenges in a strategic way
  • Decision making in a responsible way along with integrating personal perspectives and values
  • Collaborating diverse bundle of individuals by effective skills
  • They learn critical thinking which helps them in systematic analysis to formulate business decisions

Methods of teaching:

Major percentage of the faculty is with many years of industry experience this upholds their real-time knowledge on the business. The methods of teaching includes,

  • Learning from classmates experiences
  • Learning by digging into case studies which relate real-time examples
  • Learning academic literature though classroom studies
  • Discussions and lectures by experienced professionals

Online MBA:

The UCW offered online MBA mainly focuses on project planning, critical thinking, leadership and a few more business disciplines. Discussion and debates are highly encouraged in online MBA. Every program module is handled by an experienced professional who makes sure active participation of the students and provide feedback and guidance.

The graduate who comes out after the completion of the UCW MBA will be capable of making responsible decisions along with capable of explaining his ideas clearly. The program prepares the students to give strategic responses when it comes to challenges in the business world. The course mainly focuses on building leadership qualities in the student. Students will be more confident in solving business problems and management skills.


There are many benefits if the student chose online MBA offered by UCW. They are,

  • If the student has commitments other than his study, he can fit them accordingly
  • The course material includes HD video lectures. This is the reason student feels as if he is doing on-campus MBA
  • One who is already a working professional but wants to complete a MBA can easily join this course. This is the reason online courses are becoming popular today. This will help the professional in achieving further level like managerial position
  • One can achieve both professional and personal progression

University Canada West offers student a successful career

Being part of the Global University systems or GUS network, University Canada West or UCW offers every student a successful career. It is located in downtown Vancouver. Being a business oriented educational institution UCW offers many core programs which help students to make a career in business.

In October 2014, UCW has become the part of GUS. After this, it has benefited and acquired more strength. Today UCW is drawing the attention of students from all over the world. The professional guidance which the GUS was offering can now be seen in UCW too. The business awareness which the business student should learn will be offered by UCW.

The students who come out of UCW after completing their graduation will be able to enter the directly the workforce. This is because they obtain highly sought after qualifications provided by focused core programs offered by UCW.

The core programs offered are aligned with the needs of today’s business world. One among them is Master of Business Administration (MBA). This program focuses on molding the students to become successful leaders. Since the students have to enter a competitive business environment after their graduation, UCW MBA mainly focuses on developing management skills and critical thinking of the students.

It is established in the year 2004. Some of the career focused programs offered by UCW includes, Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication. Online courses are also available. UCW believes online courses are more flexible. The students who cannot join colleges to do the regular courses can get the respected qualifications through online courses.

UCW and their goals:

It is said that UCW is a teaching-intensive university. The teaching method offered is highly business oriented. The courses and programs offered are both applied and theoretical oriented. They help the students in workplace as well as in their future academic venture.

  • UCW represents and illustrates a contemporary Canadian university.
  • Its aim is to give leadership ready graduates to the business world through offering career focused business courses.
  • The courses and programs are very innovative and accessible as well as accessible to everyone.
  • Through the more flexible, career oriented and leadership oriented programs UCW is fulfilling the students who care more anxious and enthusiastic to progress professionally and academically. Online students can have a professional network with students from all over the globe
  • UCW’s main focus is to make students more responsible citizens in a global context. Keeping this in mind it offers challenging learning environments to build competencies by applying practical knowledge.

UCW believes that the teaching excellence is the key in success and it is the biggest asset for a university. So it is stated that UCW is a teaching-intensive university. The main foundation of teaching here is the intellectual development. It hires highly qualified faculties. To teach some programs the faculty must be having a related doctoral degree. Master degree is minimum qualification. Along with this they should have work experience and relevant post-secondary teaching.

Top steps to learn any kind of languages

Do you really want to learn different languages then there are unlimited ways to learn the languages that will help to connect you around the globe easily. It is tough work to learn new languages but if you follow certain specific rules, tricks or techniques then it learning new language will surely become easy and within a short period of time you will learn new languages. There is no such method apart from working hard and keep a regular practice for getting a flow in new languages.

If you are a businessmen or any other person from the corporate world then it is important to learn different languages as it will help you to deal with other clients easily. There are number of people who fail to express their clients in their own language and at last have a great loss in the business. You can also get corporate language training online this will help you to learn fluent English in a short period of time and help you to highlight your communication skills.

Here are some of the steps to learn different types of language

  • Get aware about tricks and techniques: It is really important before moving to learn any type of language it is important to understand certain tricks and techniques that will make your learning process easier. This is one of the important things you need to learn while learning the different languages. Every person has their own different way to learn especially when the topic comes to learning different languages.

  • Concentrate on the grammar: For learning new language proper grammar is must, so you need to keep a deep focus on the grammar. Check out the structure of the language and then deeply understand the grammar of the language to carefully without performing any mistake.
  • Learn some words everyday: If you deeply wanted to learn the language then try to find out some words daily and practice to learn those words and try to use them in their daily life for learning best languages. Even you can also practice writing each new words daily and recalling it to understand the language carefully. Make use of the different sentence with the different new words this will help to learn the language carefully.

These are some of the steps that will help you learn certain new languages with the best tricks and techniques.

Why is UCW best for students?

Being one of the outstanding academic institutions UCW is actively involved in numerous partnerships, faculty exchange and providing best quality education programs in Vancouver City. This has voted as the third best city to live in because it is a wonderful and ideal city.

UCW is located in the heart of the city. The institution is situated in a historic office tower. The university is surrounded by gym facilities, entertainment venues, shopping centers and number of restaurants. Transit facilities are available inside the campus to easily access the campus facilities.

University Canada West is listed as one of the quality providers of higher education from many years. The graduates who come out of UCW are send to be best graduates since it offers academically encouraging environment for students. Some of the programs include,

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication Online
  • Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Commerce Online
  • MBA Foundation
  • University Access Courses

One of the main focuses of the programs is to keep the class size small. Other is to design the programs as per the needs of the present market. They take all the measures to make sure students receive complete education which is relevant for them. Most of the faculties are with many years of industry experience. Minimum qualification in hiring the faculties is master degree in relevant domain and they make sure they have ample expertise in their domains. While graduating it students are given complete knowledge of industry so that it will be easy for them to make a career in today’s business market.

Why chose UCW:

  • Being Canada’s modern and independent university UCW has started with clear vision of producing strategic thinking and leadership-ready graduates.
  • This will be the best start for a student who wants to pursue a career as a business professional
  • UCW offers a wide range of programs including MBA, bachelor of Commerce, bachelor of arts in business communication etc.
  • Courses are available both on-campus as well as online
  • The learning environment provided is very challenging and diverse which make the students more competitive
  • One of the major focuses of teaching method is having small class size. This will help in optimizing the attention which the faculty can give on every student
  • This is the key behind their success and becoming a premium provider of best quality higher education for students around the globe
  • One more are they focus is applying the knowledge acquired in the classroom teaching
  • They focus on preparing responsible citizens with leadership skills. They even try to dig the potential in every student
  • The students come from all around the globe. So by the time a student comes out of UCW he would have already built a network of professionals from different continents
  • This gives the students a unique experience to learn from his batch mates who are from different cultures and have altogether different viewpoints and experiences
  •  Other than academic literature there will be number of events to encourage the student’s all round development. UCW plans for fundraisers for students. These events can be attended even by online students

Students Can Join In Any Course As Per Their Need

Not all people needs are same this term is suitable for all kind of things even in learning when we are trying to join in language courses we like to see where we will fit. Some people know to talk but not will be fluent and others speak well but will be bad in pouncing and vocabulary so based on that colleges are offering service. In all the places English language is playing vital role it can be simple conversation with a stranger to office employee. For all process language is important in fact it is the only way to communicate with others. When you do not able to convey your feelings and opinion to others how they will understand your needs. All people now a day likes to speak stylish and proper English for some it is a dream and for others it is necessity.

Each language has its own value but some languages only became more familiar in throughout the world English is one among them. More than half of the population is speaking good English, when you are attending a meeting the first thing they note is your language skills. In company we cannot expect all people will be good in local languages some talk only English and other languages but over there you need to communicate and explain all terms equally. This is possible only when all speak same language that is why many companies are giving first preference for it. They are conducting seminar and classes to improve the employee’s skills. These will be helpful to all people particularly after certain level it become necessary.

Why To Choose The English Program Course?

The corporate language training is helpful to all set of people some schools had won many number of awards for providing the best service for people. Among them you can choose one easily finding a one will not be difficult task after all just spend some valid time to find out. The beginner course start from the basic grammar and for the people who have enough knowledge may can see the interaction courses on this you going to interact with other country people. While we speaking the skill develop faster than studying keeping that in mind they started this method. In many college campuses you can get the hostel facility and other things so surly you going to enjoy this program. You can make new friend so learning new things is not quite difficulty.

The notes that you get form staffs will make your learning task easier. Normally each course has got the certain level of training each level help you to learn new things.  Normally in m any college only few days in a week they are conducting this class. Based on the week and hours you going to pay in some college they are giving special discounts for the students also. In some places you can pay fees in installments this avoids the burden and money pressure. If you have no idea about in choosing the course then take their help they will prefer you the correct course based on your needs.

They Help You To Develop Your Pronunciations, Speaking And Grammar

In every language the way you pronounce is matters a lot when you miss pronounce any word the meaning itself change in fact the good speaking style attracts many people without any doubt. Many students are joining in English enhancement program to improve the way of speech. Just like all other field even on this technology plays an important role you can get study materials and notes through mail this reduces your writing work. And the proper presentation attracts people and that improves the memory power. Interacting with students helps the teacher to understand those better ways and you can clear all your doubts while interacting.

The teachers are friendly and their experience made them to shine on this field. Your language helps you to gain some special appreciation in your work place and college. To apply visa to foreign countries it is necessary to pass a few process they will check your communication ability without any doubt. Enjoy the many advantages by join on this course surly all will get benefit through it.